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Cordless Lightweight

Cordless...At Last!


No cord means no limits. Get the power of a regular vacuum without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord, tangles and trip hazards, or running out of cord just before the job is done. Just pick up your Cordless SupraLite and go.


The untethered SupraLite doesn't just save you the strain and aggravation of wrangling a cord, it also saves your back. Odds are it weighs less than the family cat, which means you can clean up fur balls no matter where they hide and even on the stairs.


The SupraLite purrs so quietly, you can clean without disturbing sleeping babies or drowning out the TV. Your cleaning range - and the window of time you have to get it done - just got a whole lot bigger.

 CALL FOR DETAILS: (949) 642-1560 

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