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C13-6 paper bags fit these models:R20E and R20ENTHeavy Duty RHD-1TVIBE and VIBENTVIBS and VIBSTVIBD and VIBDLVIBPVibrance Patriotic models VIBCL.USA, VIBUSA.SU and VIB.USAFSN2100LAll HP-2000 seriesAll 4000 seriesXCP and XCPL4-5AE and 4-51950 and 19754950, 4812, 4810, 4512 and 4508R800, R700, R600, R500, R300, R200, R100, R800C and R300C4612, 4512, 4900 and 4810N1120, N1121 and N1125LN2200 and N2200LHP-1121 and HP-1120HP-2000 and HP-2100HP-25 and HP-30N2000 and N21002150 and 2150L

Clean Air 6 pack Upright Paper Bags for Vibrance

$13.99 Regular Price
$11.19Sale Price
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